Apotheist - Salvation

Apotheist – Salvation

Some songs just want to rip subwoofers apart. They want to shake walls, drive neighbors nuts and rearrange the listener’s innards. This tight-rhythmed bass-feast works in headphones too, but one day make sure you let it tear through some thousand watts equipment!

It may be tempting to say it’s repetitive, but there’s some clever construction here. The main theme only serves to emphasize changes of tone and breaks in the rhythm. Listen carefully and, for heaven’s sake, move your body! Dubstep at its best!

Kryptic Minds - One Of Us

Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees

Some songs are purely about the atmosphere. This is one such song. It’s repetitive, dark and it’s probably a love it or hate it piece. As the saying goes, the brightest stars shine when it’s the blackest. So, feel free to indulge in the darkness when you want to see more clearly, when you want to deconstruct just so you can reconstruct.

Filastine - Loot

Filastine – Hypnotico

Filastine is one of those artists whose music belongs to so many genres that it’s difficult to describe. There’s some loud & clear dubstep movements going on here, but it’s all interspersed with a blend of masterful sampling, atmospheric texturing and even international/world-music influences. What matters is that at the end, we have a wicked, groovy creation; the Universe coming at us in a menacing yet playful way. Now do the hypnodance!

Filastine - Loot

Filastine & Nova – Gendjer2

Here, help yourself to an exotic listen. It’s quite a challenge to define the exact genre this song belongs to. Yes, it’s electronica with heavy dub-step influences, but then what do we do with the lullaby-style singing or with the tormented violins? For sure though, this is a melody that begs experiencing at least once in a lifetime, if only to get exposed to the mish-mash of styles and sound that somehow manages to sound amazing.