Kalya Scintilla - Listen To The Trees

Kalya Scintilla – Boab

The trees are throwing a party and we’re invited. This is perhaps what Kalya Scintilla’s version of what the Boab corner of the party would sound like. As usual when it comes to this artist, the listener is treated to a staggering array of rhythms and sounds.

I have to say that at this party, I can hardly contain my body. Even though I am sitting on a chair donning my headphones, I cannot contain the grooves as they keep moving me left and right. It’s good I’m in no rush to type this, because this means I can make all sorts of gestures with my hands as the song keeps digging its way into the tribal parts of my awareness.


Eskmo – We Got More

But it’s true, isn’t it? We got more than we had before. The way the words are spoken and the way the music frames them is strangely compelling. “As a whole, we got more than we had before. And that’s that”, the song whispers in this listener’s mind.

This is one entertaining ride. I feel the “addiction” potential in it. It’s a groovy piece with a solid thumping tempo. Topping things up is a wonderfully crazy video.

Devin Townsend - Ghost

Devin Townsend – Fly

The saying goes that Devin Townsend once dreamt that he was flying. Then, he decided to write a song that would best represent his dream. This is the result.

It’s one of the most positively charged songs that I know. There is so much peace in this melody that one could calm the Middle East with it. Even so, there’s a lot going on inside these magical four minutes. Across the airy textures the listener is accompanied on their journey by all sorts of guitars and magical electronic fairies that spiral up and up and up. And up there, we’re met by his and her sweet voice. Close your eyes and let your mind soar.

Yonderboi - Passive Control

Yonderboi – I Am Cgi

Even though it starts with a rather plain guitar, there’s something about those early seconds that betray this song for the chameleon that it really is. Soon enough, all sorts of other rhythms and sounds pop out of nowhere and it becomes harder and harder to slap a genre over this melody.

And why would we? Genres may be good for helping us find more of the music that we like, but at times, the terminology that we use to categorize works of art becomes the fence that limits the artist’s creativity. The good news is that Yonderboi didn’t allow himself to be limited by anything.

Cold Play - A Head Full Of Dreams

Cold Play – Up & Up

Sweetness is on the menu for today. And since today is every day for every reader, sweetness is on the menu forever. Oh yes, this beautiful dreamy melody can definitely inspire us to do some thinking about the meaning of life.

I find myself lacking the words to properly describe this song. Technically, it’s a good rock piece, but really, it’s much more than that. Cold Play’s uplifting song comes along with a beautiful, dreamy, chilled-out video. Make sure you see it; I think it’ll deliver you what I can’t with words.

Delerium Music Box Opera

Delerium – Sky (Tears From Heaven) (feat. Kristy Thirsk)

A gentle beginning leads the listener to a menacing bass line. But bear with it and be lead to a moment when the song metamorphoses into one of the most beautiful harmonies I’ve ever heard. Kristy truly shines as a singer, following the dualistic construction of the melody to perfection. At times she feels hopeless and depressed, only to arise to ecstasy a minute later.

The lyrics are wonderful, the music is sublime. I am happy to have lived a life that has led me to appreciate Delerium’s art to its full potential. Songs like this remind me that often, happiness is measured in tears. May we all be forgiven and may we all forgive.