Hol Baumann - Human

Hol Baumann – A Forgotten Ritual

Mysterious in the beginning, mercilessly groovy all-throughout, here’s an atmospheric body-mover and a consistent head-bobber. Not only is this song full of energy, it is also very well composed and produced. It shines like black oil as it meanders its way through a labyrinth of vibration.

Electronic music has brought with it a staggering amount of diversity. The entire universe of sound suddenly became accessible, bringing with it supreme flexibility. Never before had artists such a freedom of experimentation as today. And it shows.

Sofa Surfers - Superluminal

Sofa Surfers – Out, Damn Light (feat. Mani Obeya)

It’s one of those songs that flow, one of those songs that go from start to finish in a casual, unassuming way. The singer probably contributes a lot to this feeling. So do the lyrics. It’s also one of those songs where the music and the singing are so tightly intertwined that taking away the voice would seriously cripple the composition (there are entire albums out there that work just fine in an instrumental-only guise).

Delerium - Mythologie

Delerium – Blue Fires

Welcome to the dream. The dream takes place inside her mind while she floats inside ours, carried by blue fires and ephemeral sounds. Take her hand, dance, that’s why the rhythm is there. Fly, sway, let the music take you away.

Harmonies and echoes ease the melody’s flow into our imagination, where it shines and soothes. If there would be such a thing as a contemporary musical definition of dreamy, then I think this song should be among the prime examples. There’s nothing that screams “fantastic production values” louder than a solid Delerium song. Love at first listen.

Subheim - Foray

Subheim – Foray

Upon hitting “play”, a haunting depth opens. Despite its understated rhythm, the melody is, somehow, incredibly convincing. An almost ritualistic chant in the first half of the song acts as both compositional boundary and atmospheric enhancer. Are the choirs gloomy or ecstatic? This one is indeed a foray, a foray into an abyss where the imagination can wander and find wonders, or terrors. It’s all a matter of free will.

Conjure One

Conjure One – Sleep

Singer Marie-Claire D’Ubaldo provides the dreamy landscape a song worthy of the title “Sleep” would need. But then again, this melody isn’t about sleeping at all. It’s about fire, it’s about movement, it’s about meanings hidden in plain sight, which her voice tempts the listener to find among the song’s witty lyrics. Accompanying us is the surreal yet body-moving music of Conjure One, brainchild of Rhys Fulber of Delerium fame. This is a beautifully written song in all ways a song can be so.

Savages - Adore Life

Savages – Adore

A amazing song with words so powerful they pierce through the music and reach deep within our soul. Every touch of the guitar comes at just the right moment. It’s one of those rare songs when the singing is in perfect symbiosis with the music.

The video lifts the melody to unfathomable heights. It is audio-visual poetry at its best. My recommended journey is to first listen to the song while reading the lyrics. Only then, armed with a hint of opinion and words of knowledge, should you delve into the depths of a work of art in body language.

Alex Smoke - Incommunicado

Alex Smoke – 6am

Here’s some flowing, groovy electronica to put some spring into any late evening, work assignment or workout. Alex Smoke wastes no time during these 6 minutes of solid musical craftsmanship. The simple acoustic guitar that shows up and intertwines with the rhythm really adds to the melody. What more can be said? Nothing more needs to be said. Just sit back and enjoy the vibration.

Iamamiwhoami - Sever

Iamamiwhoami – Sever

This song starts off as a rather slow, melancholic piece. Her voice comes from far away, carried by ghostly choirs. Together with the careful composer, she’ll enthrall us so that we don’t even realize when we’re led towards the energetic end. And then she leaves again to… far away.

With its cryptic lyrics, I feared the day I have to review this song because it’s a bit… strange. It also comes with a pretty strange video too. But alas, it’s a beautiful piece of art so I just had to feature it.