Wardruna - Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga

Receive this powerful invocation from deep within the heart of Mother Nature. It was carried through lungs that breathe its air. It was beat into eternity from ritualistic drums and instruments. It was blessed with choirs that cleanse everything their life-giving vibration touches.

Celebrate the dance of night and day.

You can listen to the melody for free, in good quality, on BandCamp, which is one of the best websites when it comes to supporting artists. You can also purchase the song (or album) from this same location.


And if you’re curious about the lyrics:


YouTube (decent quality, POWERFUL VIDEO):


YouTube (decent quality, full song):


For Spotify Users (high quality):


For Deezer Users (high quality):


This Weekly Song entry has been brought from the FaceBook archive of Weekly Song^. This exploration was originally started through a FaceBook page, about 13 months prior to launching Mentatul. Slowly but surely, the entire FaceBook archive will be brought here.

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