Finntroll - Visor Om Slutet

Delicate orchestration, a beautiful sense of depth and an ominous story-teller give this song an aura of ancient forest magic. The darkness in one voice is opposed by airy choirs and dreamy instruments. The song may be called “dark depths”, but all I feel is light.

This entire “Visor Om Slutet” (Songs About The End) album is just as enchanting(*) as this song (well, perhaps except for “Rov”). Mind you, this is not the usual Finntroll. I’ll be back later this year with a more representative song of theirs, but if you’re curious, check out “Ur Jordens Djup^” or “Nattfödd^”.

It’s unfortunately VERY hard to find a legal version of this song anywhere. It’s not on Spotify, Deezer or Google Play. I can’t find any other version than the YouTube one. But it might be enough to lead you to other songs from this album and perhaps to buy it in physical form, before it becomes a rarity.

YouTube (decent quality):^

(*) When I said “enchanting”, I did NOT mean the song’s lyrics, an extract of which you can find below. Although those words can’t really be labeled with the word “enchanting” (well, depending on your point of view; I guess trolls would definitely find it enchanting), these are great lyrics either way!


“I vinden viskar dödens stämma
Onda stjärnor på himmelen stirra
Bland furor eka ett isande skrik
Urskogens klor i nattlig sky
Ur rymdens svarta djup…
Ur rymdens svarta djup…

Fem fot svart stål han i sina nävar klämmer
En svart skugga från jordens djupaste hål
Långa öron och knivskarpa horn
Under brynen glöda två illröda kol:

Nu lyfts värdet mot himmelens rand
Syndastålet nu frysa luft till is
Nu livlösa förbli var man, var kvinna
Domen falla och tystnad härska
O, rymdens svarta djup…
O, rymdens svarta djup…”

[English translation:]

Dark Depths

“In wind whisper the tones of death
Evil stars in the sky now stare
Beneath the trees echoes the freezing cry
Ancient forest’s claws in the night sky
From vast dark depths…
From vast dark depths…

Black five foot blade clenches in his fist
Dark shade from the deepest hall of earth
Long ears and razorsharp horns
Under helmet glows two scarlet coals…

Now rises darkness towards heaven’s boundaries
Lustful steel now freezes winds to ice
Thus lifeless remains man and woman
Judgement falls and silence reigns
Oh, wide dark depths…
Oh, wide dark depths…”

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