Moonspell - Irreligious

Moonspell – Full Moon Madness

Here’s a dark waltz of enthralling beauty, heavier than a black hole and brighter than the full moon. It’s mad, it’s angry, but so is life sometimes. Here’s to contrast!

Sung in two languages (Portuguese and English) this harks from one of Moonspell’s oldest albums. The band released many more in the 22 years that followed and I’m happy to say that the signs of an illustrious career were undeniable even since 1996.

Tristania - Ashes

Tristania – Endogenesis

This melody is an enthralling journey into the value of contrast. It bites, but it’s as if it does so only to bring further value to the soft touches that will always follow. It’s a composition of staggering diversity. Few melodies have this much happening in the space of less than 8 minutes. There’s nary a second of boredom and hardly any repetition. The song goes through several movements with excellent pace and in total harmony. It’s a work of art of undoubted rarity.