Infected Mushroom - Pink Froid

Infected Mushroom – Pink Froid

Sit back and enjoy the brain massage. From the very first listen, this masterpiece blew my mind and tears welled up in my eyes. If Infected Mushroom and Pink Floyd would have ever collaborated, this is how the result would have sounded.

Even the lyrics are perfect. There are just a few words to be heard, but these are important, meaningful words. I’m referring in particular to the notion that “you are me”. There is a deep existential truth buried in this statement, at least as far as certain life philosophies are concerned.

Enigma - Carly's Song

Enigma – Age Of Loneliness (Carly’s Song)

This is what happens when an artist mixes electronic dance music together with powerful, evocative Mongolian chants, Gregorian choirs, and a mysterious voice delivering a deep, meaningful message. It’s one of the most moving melodies I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. It’s also quite an easy listen, which is why I flag such a song as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Enigma has always been one of my favorite musical projects. Michael Cretu is the man behind the name. Back in the when of this song, the early 90s, Michael was married with German pop singer Sandra and it is her voice you will hear. Inside the intricate cathedral of sound, her words speak of change, of courage, of hope.