Delerium - Karma

Delerium – Heaven’s Earth (feat. Kristy Thirsk)

From the very first minute of this song we are greeted by an impressive array of instruments and motifs. The mélange of electronica, choirs and acoustic instruments continues to mature well into the second minute. Only then is the melody truly taking off as Kristy’s voice blossoms.

The acoustic and vocal part of the song is transported into the future by means of shiny, spotless electronic beats. Evocative choirs join Kristy as she sings her way towards the ecstatic end.

This is a journey of surprising diversity and intensity. Eyes-closed listening is highly recommended.

Delerium and Kristy Thirsk is a pair made in heaven. I’ll be even more subjective than I usually am for my Weekly Song collection and declare that this partnership is one of the best marriages of electronic music and female singing to have ever graced this Earth. Just listen to songs such as Ray^, Flowers Become Screens^ or Sky (Tears From Heaven)^. It’s true that Delerium are masters of incorporating female vocals into awesome electronic music, but the collaboration with Kristy is one of the band’s highest moments in this listener’s humble opinion.

“This spoiled seduction
Intoxicates thee,
So balanced on my halo
You long secretly
Could it, could it be
Love’s what you deny me?
Don’t deny yourself
‘Cause I know what you want
You can’t deny me
We’ll be together
So try to run, love
But you won’t get away
Could it, could it be
Love’s what you deny me”

YouTube (decent quality, and the ONLY online source I could find the song at):^

Neither Spotify nor Deezer have the full version of the song. They do, however, have an “album edit” version. Unfortunately, the version has been hacked at mercilessly so that it becomes a shadow of its former self. You can also find dance remixes of the song, which I find rather sad and boring. So, I won’t link anything else but the YouTube, original version. Perhaps in a few years the Record Industry will get its act together and start properly digitizing works of art. See you on Bandcamp!

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