Platonic Scale - Out Of The Blue

Platonic Scale – Out of the Blue

What happens when a highly talented musician and producer pairs with a first class voice? Throw in some beautifully written lyrics and you get Platonic Scale’s newest EP, “Out of the Blue”. Singer ALLA is featured on all of the five songs on the EP, contributing to give each of them a different feel and personality.

I’ve been following the exploits^ of Platonic Scale for several years now. “Out of the Blue” signifies a departure from the electronic genre. It’s a foray into synth-pop and quite a successful one at that.

Not only is the music diverse, but it also showcases those tiny yet vital details that make you tingle with joy when your ears pick them up. The ability to keep the listener entertained and curious is a hallmark of great skill in orchestration. Even after several replays, I still found that Platonic Scale had a few tricks left, hidden between the vibes.

In the same time, the buildup and crescendos lead to predictive bursts of energy that contribute to a feeling of familiarity. But do not be fooled by the recognizable frame of reference. There are tricky little sounds that’ll jump at you when you least expect it.

ALLA has all the qualities I believe a first class voice should have. In less than twenty minutes, she manages to take the listener through an impressive range of moods. On “Fire” one moment we’re on a reverie, the next, she’s dazing us with a seductive, playful rush of words. While the music guides the listener, ALLA is the angel, the adventurous, the naughty, the seductive, the daring and the hopeful.

Often, we can hear Platonic Scale stealing a syllable or two from ALLA, prolonging or distorting them, toying with this most capable instrument of all – the human voice. These short but spirited experiments come to complete the intricate sound design.

Last week, I featured “Stardust” in the Weekly Song section and I wrote: “Building up from a slightly melancholic setting the melody blossoms to deliver a hopeful jolt. All the more impressive is that through well-chosen words the writer gives the listener something to ponder.

“It’s quite difficult to deliver a profound spiritual message in an unassuming, playful way, yet this is exactly what ALLA and Platonic Scale are doing here. Backed by beautifully paced music, ALLA’s voice goes from dreamy to provocative, ultimately reaching an uplifting climax. This is a well written song, in all the ways that a song can be well written.”

What I forgot to mention about “Stardust” is the discrete but beautiful tremolo at 2:02. This is but a single one of the many gems scattered throughout Platonic Scale’s 5-song release. Listening to “Out of the Blue”, I feel at home, relaxed, thankful for the musical adventure that this world has brought to me. Give this EP a serious listen folks, it’s quite an experience. Otherwise, how could I have managed to write almost five hundred words about it?

You can listen to the entire EP on Spotify:

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You can buy the EP from the link below. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I purchased it :).^

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