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Is Moldova the Next Battle in the Russia vs NATO Saga?

Russia and NATO have a problem. Trampling upon Ukraine’s territorial integrity and using it as a pawn in the geo-political superpowers war has concluded with what is pretty much a draw. The current situation in Moldova bears worrying similarity. A pro-Western government is currently leading the country, although its position is precarious. Is it now time for another state to face economic ruin while offering the mass-media a profitable side-show?

Here’s a report from a NATO-affiliated news agency:^

Romanian is being spoken on the territory of Moldova and has been for a long time. These two states were the same country for a short while, but the dream didn’t last long because after World War II, the Soviet Union decided that they could use 34.000 square kilometers of extra territory. They argued that the land was theirs to begin with – the Ottoman Empire ceded parts of Moldova to the Russian Empire in 1812 and a process of Russification followed. Wikipedia^ has more information about all this.

Like a loyal NATO member, Romania wants Moldova to join the European family, something that is sure to anger Putin. It feels like 2014 all over again, featuring NATO-affiliated countries doing funny business dangerously close to their Cold War archenemy. It may very well be in Moldova’s best interests to side with its Western neighbors, but judging by what happens in Ukraine, the small country might become yet another unfortunate pawn in the dealings of superpowers.

I can only hope that Russia won’t be as brutish with Moldova as it was with Ukraine. After all, the bordering break-away republic of Transnistria, which has little international recognition, serves as a pro-Russian buffer zone in the area. I also hope that Romania itself won’t face Russia’s wrath because of the loan it has decided to offer to Moldova. Both countries rely on natural gas imports from their nuclear-armed neighbor.

About the loan and the attempt to bring Moldova closer to NATO’s sphere of influence:^

And because I like to offer you both sides of the story, here’s what TASS (Russian news agency) has published regarding the situation:^

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  1. Norbert Lars


    the problem is far different than Ukraine ( where russia has all its black sea fleet and crimeea is one of the most important point in this part of europe, losing it would mean russia is moved a lot from it`s domination area ) . there is a 2nd difference there the government elected was pro Russia and was overturned by people that were pro-Europe/US.

    moldovia is too poor for anyone, and the problems there are similar to those in Romania – corruption from top to bottom. if you read rise project sites ( ) you will understand that the situation there is ok for europe and for russia also. only the romanians want something more with Moldova which on the other hands wants only visas to europe ( and it lost it 2 days later)

    think about something – at this moment there are issues with the hungarian community from HarCov which is mostly vocal, imagine problems with proRussia “romanian” citizens after a merge with moldova 🙂

    i think we will unite with Moldova ONLY under the big UE umbrella as “regions”, and not countries anymore, maybe even with russia under the same ( bigger ) umbrella

    • Reply

      I know that Moldova is very different from Ukraine, but the top to bottom corruption and Russian links exist in both countries. I don’t think a union with Romania is possible. Like you said, it’s going to be as federated regions or something like that. Still, I smell trouble and power play.

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