Happy Consumerist New Year, Featuring Bottled Water

Happy Consumerist New Year! Featuring, Bottled Water

Fresh on the heels of my Christmas & Consumerism article^, here’s something else to whet your thirst (pun intended):


I’ve always been amazed by the bottled water industry – and not in a good way. This wonderful article sums up pretty much everything I ever wanted to know or say about bottled water. Very well written, documented and presented.

For me, it would be hard to maintain objectivity when it comes to this topic, but the author managed to pull it off quite well, kudos for that. There are very few things that can highlight the abuse of consumers as well as bottled water.

Like I highlighted in my article about consumerism, our misshapen implementation of capitalism is built upon keeping customers in the dark. Articles such as the one I just recommended have the potential to bring meaningful change in consumers. So what if just a few people read it? What’s important is that the word is out there.

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