Donald Trump's World is Censored

How Donald Trump Becoming President Changed My World

Months ago, I wrote a short piece rationalizing why Trump will not be president of the USA (unless the Republican party wants to commit political suicide). I was quite sure it will be the last time I’d mention his name on this website. During the following months, I was given a stark reminder that “nothing’s certain”. Not only did Trump get the presidency, but the Republican party is doing quite well.

I’m not ruling out political suicide just yet, but this doesn’t change the fact I’ve made a serious estimation error regarding Donald’s chances. It has been one of my most disappointing prognoses, so I chastised myself over it more than a few times. However, I spent far more energy into learning from this mistake. There are many teachings indeed.

First of all, it seems like some countries are failing to adapt democracy to the Internet age. Starting with the spread of lies about candidates through social media and ending with cyber warfare, I think that the democratic process is in serious need of renovation.

I wouldn’t really call it a teaching – since I was always aware of this – but the fury of the people should never be underestimated. Trump and similar candidates across the world are riding on this wave of anger. I just hope that Americans won’t regret installing Trump as their president like other nations regretted their choice dearly in the past. I can’t help drawing some parallels with a certain leader that got elected in Europe about 85 years ago. We’re still recovering from the emotional scars he left behind.

But the most important change in my life since Donnie Tea became president is that the event miraculously stopped me from reading the news three times a day (I’ve been trying to cut down for years). I’m now at about twice a week, having gained about 2-3 extra hours per week. As I said in the title of this posting, this is about how my world has changed. It’s one of the more subjective posts I’ve written, which is why I filed it under the new category “Life Fragments”.

I’m fed up seeing news feeds clogged with “Donald said that” or “Donald did that”. I’m done being coaxed into reading these venomous sensationalist stories. I can’t help sharing a comparison I made recently: “democracy without education is like capitalism without capital”. Unfortunately, many voters lack the education to properly detect fake and/or manipulative press.

I’m going to pass this season of the “all-you-can-consume information age”. Sure, I’ll keep an eye out on the news, but I’m done letting these companies infect my mind and therefore my life.

Before, during and after the election, many media cartels made tons of money writing about Trump. Most of the published stories consist of the endless repetition of a single event, or are of little relevance. Even in countries that had nothing to do with the circus of an election that occurred in the USA, his name was mentioned more often than the most important local politicians. For example in Sweden, Donnie’s name was mentioned in the press many more times than the country’s most important political figure, the Prime Minister.

For a while, I will stop writing much about politics. Even when I will, my approach will be very cautious. I’ll close this short entry with a few of the more relevant links written in the past few days about the beginning of Donnie Tea’s illustrious career as threat to human rights and civilization.

However, I know that I know nothing. Perhaps some of his and his party’s decisions will turn out quite beneficial for our civilization. So take my comments below as perhaps totally wrong. Let’s see how things look ten years from now.

Denying human-caused climate change and therefore setting back efforts to clean up our ecosystem:^

Setting back the only recent attempt – however feeble – to improve healthcare in the USA:^

Turning government into a discount shop for selling the tax payer’s hard-earned rights to a clean, safe and fair country (and accelerating the destruction of the ecosystem – also setting a bad example for governments across the world):^

Jeopardizing an already fragile geopolitical climate:^

Using American influence to restrict women’s rights across the world (I’m not completely pro-choice, but I do believe that pro-life is a severe restriction of a woman’s rights, especially in special circumstances such as rape or very risk family environments):^

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  1. Tim


    So yeah… I too have had to back away from the Donald and all news political. After having three of his cabinet appointees lie to the Senate committees examining their qualifications (and then being approved anyway), I’ve realized I have to back away from the edge, enjoy my life as it is, and hope the long-lasting damage is not too permanent.

    • Reply

      Hear hear Tim! :). I recently read a FaceBook post that puts a positive spin on Trump’s victory. I liked it a lot so I’ll share it here.

      Shelly Bullard
      6 February at 12:55 ·

      “Thank you, Donald T*%#+, for awakening a fire in the belly of a nation.
      Thank you for forcing our collective shadow out of the closet so we can heal it.
      Thank you for uniting sisters across the world in unprecedented numbers.
      Thank you for getting all of us out of our slumber and engaged in things we care about.
      Thank you for rousing the 13-year-old me who used to write anarchy symbols on everything.
      Thank you for provoking me to thoroughly educate myself on intersectionality and my privilege.
      Thank you for showing us how disgusting the frequency of fear feels so we can commit to vibrating in love and peace, standing fiercely in our spiritual dignity.
      Thank you for refining my purpose in the world.
      Thank you for inspiring all of this creativity!
      Thank you for shaking the hell out of the patriarchy.
      Thank you for the friction that is creating an army of Revolutionaries.”
      -Erin Telford

      I remember reading Michael Moore’s summer article predicting Trump’s win and thinking that as bad as that could be in the short term, it might ultimately be the best thing for me, my family, the nation, and the world. The world is waking up. We’ll have a big mess to clean up, but I know millions who will be happy to help do so!
      -Timothy Timothy Birnschein

      Brillance via Erika van Gemeren

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