Hocico - Memorias Atras

Ever heard about a musical genre called aggrotech? No, it has nothing to do with agriculture. It’s an exotic combination between electronica instrumentals and metal music atmosphere and vocals. And it sounds wicked!

After the merciless instrumental kicks off, the banshee singer will soon start its rant against organized religion. Even though the lyrical content is stuck with a rather limited spiritual perspective, I can’t say that I completely disagree with the message.

This song is a gorgeously hideous example of aggrotech. It comes from one of the most renowned bands in this niche genre. I’ve known about the Mexicans of Hocico for many years. Finally, it’s time to bring this shining dark gem to the Weekly Song.

“You said he’s around us
Well, then tell us where
Cause you went back to your place
And there was no one
To help wipe out the disgrace

Hey you, Mr. Priest
If you can speak to God
Tell me, did he offer the kids
Who you raped while you
Prayed for your soul?

God is dead
God is a noise in your head
Can he talk to you?
Not to me
God is dead
God is a waste in your brain
Can he talk to you?
Not to me

You said he’ll bring peace
Well, then tell us when
Do you expect us to live in fear
Of motherfuckers who kill
For a god who’s dead?”

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