Change Against All Odds

Why Is It So Hard to Renew Certain Beliefs?

It sometimes seems impossible to change somebody’s mind even when we have solid, fact-checked data. A fascinating scientific study^ explains exactly why. It’s called the backfire effect and this podcast^ explains it in ample detail.

But if you want a bit of entertainment while you’re learning about yourself, here’s one of the best ways to do it – along with this excellent comic from The Oatmeal:^

Other than the important teachings imparted in a fun and easy to integrate way (Matthew Inman’s superpower), this quote resonated very strongly with me:

“I don’t have a way to change the behavior of seven-point-five billion people carrying their beliefs around like precious gems wrapped in hand grenades.”

Because for years I hoped that there is a way to do exactly that. To somehow make people understand one of the most basic of notions: it’s not cool to kill each other. There are tons of other things which are quite uncool, but maybe we can at least start by changing this one thing before we can even consider turning down the volume when it comes to fear and hate. It all starts with forgiveness. And forgiveness starts with change.

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