The Spectre of Meltdown

Security vulnerabilities are a dime a dozen now-a-days. But, when a couple of months ago we learned about Spectre^ and Meltdown^, it finally started to dawn on people just how insecure all our “high tech” really is. We’re using hole-ridden, bug-infested products.

If the Wikipedia articles above are too boring, here’s a relatively more layman-friendly breakdown of what happened:^^

I don’t know if the constant deluge^ of security exploits has resulted from the challenges that arise from working with highly complex technology or is caused by some sort of surveillance conspiracy. What’s certain is that this shows just how weak our technology is and how easily it can be overcome.

I will definitely not allow my home to be controlled by “smart devices” based on closed-source technology. And this includes closed-source hardware designs manufactured in factories under the control of expansionist governments:^

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