Puscifer - Conditions Of My Parole

This Journey song will caress with its soft chords and dreamy duet, but beware, the rite of passage is just in its infancy. Words of wisdom assist the listener as the orchestration builds up to ritualistic heights. A rock song that courageously breaks all sorts of new ground.

“Hello stranger
Can you tell us where you’ve been?
More importantly
How ever did you come to be here?
Though a stranger
You can rest here for a while
But save your energy
Your journey here is far from over
Come the sunrise
We’ll descend through Judgement Valley
And weigh your worth before her majesty, the Verde River

No direction but to follow what you know
No direction but a faith in her decision
No direction but to never fight her flow
No direction but to trust the final destination
You’re a stranger ’til she whispers you can stay
You’re a stranger ’til she whispers that your journey’s over

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