Sowulo - Sol

Sowulo – Ginnungagap

In Norse mythology, Ginnungagap (“gaping abyss”, “yawning void”) is the primordial void, mentioned in the Gylfaginning, the Eddaic text recording Norse cosmogony.

Well, for a song about the primordial void, this one is pretty delicate and happy. The metalhead in me says that a song called so would have worked better from the pagan black metal scene. But then my spiritual side interjects and says: “but who says the void is dark, or violent?”. Indeed, Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism see the void in a much more mature way.

The metalhead in me is wrong and this song is a beautiful celebration of the importance of the primordial void. Leave your senses behind, save perhaps for hearing and let this song show you.

Wardruna - Ragnarok

Wardruna – Isa

An acoustic and choral masterpiece the likes of which human history just loves to parade around the Universe with. Even without knowing anything about the folklore behind this song, the strength of life flows through it with unstoppable might. That may not be apparent in the first couple of minutes, because life just rests then. But just wait for the rest to end and for the musicians to really start shining.

The lyrics, with translation: