Clawfinger - Zeros And Heroes

Clawfinger – 15 Minutes Of Fame

These lyrics are sharper than a scalpel, angrier than a crazed rabid mob and loaded with infinite despise. And what better way to accompany this punch in the face of corporate and political kiss-asses then with a couple of merciless guitar and some creepy synths?

Yeah, this one goes to you, those that chose the dirtiest ways to adapt: lies, manipulation and all the other kinds of spineless trickery. Get an earful of this, jelly-people, and who knows, maybe you wake up and stop sabotaging your and others’ growth.


Clawfinger – Two Sides

One day, this song will be reviewed outside the unfortunate social context from which it emerged, a social context where it really had very little chance of earning the accolades it deserved. That’s because this rallying call against organized religion was, is, and will continue to be for some time, a dangerous song.

And when that day comes, this song will win prizes. A great many of them. A prize (and the most important one), for lyrics that don’t miss a single syllable. It’s just one unrelenting, harmonious but unforgiving stream of rhymes. Another prize for diverse orchestration and the way spoken word, heavy riffing and a redeeming choir are fused together in a celebration for freedom and intellectual evolution. And another bunch of prizes for the band releasing this as early as they did, for touring it and for doing what they could to wake their peers up.

Clawfinger - Use Your Brain

Clawfinger – Power

This song is looking for trouble from the first second. If all of the world’s human inhabitants would understand the meaning of (and history behind) these lyrics, then politics as we know it would immediately cease to exist. If that would be good or bad, we’ll probably never know, because this song is history and mainstream media is not preoccupied with educating the population about the horrors committed by their leaders behind closed doors (guess who controls the media?).

And that’s why Clawfinger’s message must be delivered alongside a bunch of angry guitars! Power to the one who doesn’t want it!

Clawfinger - Clawfinger

Clawfinger – Chances

Here’s an hymn for change if there ever was one! And what’s the best music to stimulate change? How about a couple of rabid guitars riffing against relentless percussion? The occasional synthesizer touch is there to bring diversity to an already good song. Even for those that aren’t fans of rap-metal, the lyrics of this song are an ode to change of fascinating intensity.

There aren’t many metal bands that manage to make good music and write decent lyrics. There are even fewer that make excellent music and write excellent lyrics. Clawfinger is one of them. The band’s lyrics are firmly rooted in the sad realities of the late 20th and early 21st century when social decay at the hands of corporations and corrupt governments caused an immense amount of grief and social trauma.