Dolphins Get High Too

We’ve known for many years that several species of animals get drunk by eating fermented fruits. In 2013, biologists have made yet another surprising discovery. Groups of dolphins get high by chewing on puffer fish. After obtaining a sufficient amount of perception-altering neurotoxin from the creature, they pass it to another dolphin in the group.

Here’s the story, more than two years old by now:^

Good job, dolphins! Can’t light a cigarette? Fermentation doesn’t work? Then use another creature’s venom. Truly fantastic! This behavior adds to the theory that there is an interesting drive present in all living creatures: an unexplainable desire to change their perception of the surrounding environment. Given some countries’ policies regarding consciousness-altering substances, this is important food for thought.

Nature surely never ceases to amaze. Why am I writing about this in 2016? Simply because I was really fascinated by the method that dolphins use and I want as many people as possible to know about such a wonder – just doing my job when it comes to “sharing is caring”. It’s also something that I need to have on this website.

And because I want this posting to also contain some new information about our fellow lifeforms, here’s a recent (unrelated) discovery about birds and crocodiles. Impressive stuff:^

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