Of all the things I’ve learned throughout my life, I think nothing is more important than starting to have an understanding about the meaning of duality. For me, the very challenge of life is to reconcile the duality I observe with the oneness I strive for. Duality is not only about good and evil or about life and death. Duality is also about us and the others, and it is this aspect that I’d like to write a few words about.

I think humans have a tendency to strive for perfection. In the same time, most humans know that they will never be perfect. It’s a correct conclusion, I believe, since only oneness can be perfect. As long as there is something missing from anything, neither side can be perfect. However, duality is only a temporary absence of perfection. And, as long as we are alive and playing our different roles, I believe we can learn from duality while waiting for perfection.

Today, it is difficult to write about terrorism without touching on the subject of religion. But it is exactly religion that I do not wish to discuss on this website. Ever. This is because I believe that spirituality is a deeply personal experience. Words tend to sully it.

So what can I say about terrorism without going into complex and endless diatribes on religion, politics or society? Not much, really. Just the simple truth that…

It’s not easy knowing we’re imperfect. Smart, heinous people are aware of this and are harvesting the emotional pain caused by our discomfort. Through the use of psychological manipulation techniques, people are turned into stereotypes or, to use a more powerful word, drones. The terrorist drones are among the most difficult to understand, because they’ve been led to believe that they can prove their worth towards their Gods (and symbols of perfection) by tearing other people to pieces, by “imperfecting” them.

If we’d have proper education and opportunity across the world, none of this would have come to pass. But we all know that, don’t we? And yet we sit in our comfortable bubbles, like the nice drones that we are. However, that may change at any point, especially if these obedient drones start turning into confident people. The best way to prevent this from happening is to cultivate fear and terror. And so, the great military alliances march on, playing with the money that should be invested in education, science and healthcare.

And since this has been a Dissected News posting, here’s the two events that seeded my words.

The terrorist attack in Pakistan:


The terrorist attacks in Belgium:


Seemingly unrelated, here’s how a traffic accident victim is being ignored somewhere in Asia:


While terrorism is one of the most acute symptoms of a failed society, this last video I linked shows the systemic problem. It’s one of innumerable examples that illustrate the worrying degradation of our society. As long as we continue our journey in this way, our path will remain a bloody one.

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  1. Adrian


    “duality is only a temporary absence of perfection” <– perfection resides in harmony, and harmony involves a certain proportion between dual characteristics

    “waiting for perfection” <– action leads to perfection – waiting brings more waiting, unless good things start to fall on our way without doing anything. It’s propitious action that makes a difference.

    The fact that the man belongs to a community facilitates the adoption of stereotypes. It’s also imprinted in man’s way of thinking, reducing the complexity of the world around us to a set of models and heuristics.
    Manipulation just makes use of the traits and stereotypes already existing in the community in order to derive new traits and stereotypes.

    Drone is a powerful word though kind of imprecise and look at the people too cold, too mechanical. Brainwashed or transformed in zombies through indoctrination, kept in the darkness and poverty, lacking a way out of their misery, people turn to extreme decisions. Proper education and opportunity are relative – try love, compassion, offering an environment where people can grow spiritually.

    “The best way to prevent this from happening is to cultivate fear and terror.” <– war is never the solution, and violence creates more problems than it can solve. There’s no nobility behind a war, just victims on both sides.

    I don’t think we failed as society, but the system on which our society is based upon shows its limitations, shows its incapacity to deal with global problems. And it’s tough to change something as long the political decision makers prefer to ignore nowadays realities.

    Terrorism is a virus that attacks its host from exterior, finds a way in and feeds itself from inside, and it can make worse the diseases existing in the host. When let loose and as long as no antivirus is found, it can tend to bring its host to its knees.

    • Reply

      Yes, I underlined that “drone” is a powerful word. But persons that detonate themselves in order to accomplish a cause are quite cold in a way, similar to a bomb, mechanical. That is why I used the word. That does NOT mean that I have no compassion and understanding for them. Actually when you say “mechanical” you’re already drawing a line :). I do not separate things in “mechanical” and “biological”. We are all different sorts of devices. Who is to say that a rock or an atom doesn’t have its own sort of consciousness? We can go very deep with this but I’ll just leave it where it is and say that yes, I do believe the actions of certain people are akin to something with little conscience, aka a drone. I do this without discriminating or drawing lines, but simply by using a word that is placed at a certain point on a “scale of consciousness”.

      Also, when I said that “the best way to prevent this from happening” I meant the fact that there are interest in trying to keep us fearful and terrorized, so that we do not think too much. Did you understand something different? It would appear so given your comment.

      I also don’t think we’ve failed as a society. Not yet. But I have certain worries about the direction we’re heading towards and I’d prefer to voice these worries :).

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