Enya - Watermark

There are very few songs of which you can say “oldie but Goldie” with as much satisfaction. This beautiful musical poem was released at the end of the 80s and topped the charts in more than a few countries. True to its name, the melody flows like few others. With its excellent production values and clever use of reverb, this song was way ahead of its time – and this makes it as actual today as it was 30 years ago.

Surprisingly, the same can be said about the video, which uses simple graphical techniques that look beautiful even in the 21st century. Good job Enya & crew!

“From the north to the south, Ebudae into Khartoum,
From the deep sea of clouds to the island of the moon,
Carry me on the waves to the land I’ve never been,
Carry me on the waves to the lands I’ve never seen.”

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YouTube (original video, poor quality sound):


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      Whoah. This is a really good mashup man, hahaha. Also, much to my public shame, this is probably the first mashup I ever heard (to the best of my knowledge). I don’t think I ever cared about this “style”. But I guess it’s all about timing so thank you for introducing me (at the age of 33 years old) to this style with what I can say is definitely a song I’d love to have in may playlist. So I will ;). Now where’s that audio ripper :D.

      That soundtrack sounds really good. Thank you for that. And you know what? Thank you for pushing GOG in my face. I suspected the game might be on GOG and it is. I made myself an account since, yeah, I do think in supporting them, not only Steam. I have more than enough games on Steam (almost 200, which is little compared to some deal-maniacs out there). And purchased 8-Bit armies, my first game on GOG (and long overdue I feel). Listened to that mash-up about 3 times while doing all this. Good stuff brother, good stuff.

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        Haha, I actually haven’t played 8-Bit Armies. I’ve only listened to the soundtrack. ’cause, Klepacki, you know. xD Let me know if it’s any good!

        This is a pretty decent mash-up too. But I normally don’t go seeking those things out, so there might be much better ones out there.
        Mousse T. Vs The Dandy Warhols – Horny As A Dandy

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          I don’t know either of the songs involved in this mash-up, but it’s also good! :).

          Regarding 8-Bit Armies, I just started 1 game on normal AI difficulty and it beat me up :D. Of course, it was very first game so I was barely learning what & how and was a bit slow, but TBH it looks like a really nice game to play on a trip. I’ll be installing it on my XPS 13 tonight. And yeah, the soundtrack is cool :). I actually bought a second game from GOG, couldn’t help it :). I will be installing https://www.gog.com/game/nexus_the_jupiter_incident too :).

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