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Connection Between Ultrasound, Autism and Genetic Disorders?

A recent study has found a possible connection between the severity of autism symptoms in children and ultrasound scans during the first trimester of pregnancy. Apparently, the worsening of symptoms occurs only when certain genetic disorders are involved. But here’s the thing: if ultrasound does have an effect, it means that it affects any fetus, regardless if there are symptoms or not. Check out the article:^

Today, we believe that the fetus cannot hear ultrasound. Even so, we’re still talking here about a high frequency vibration which is propagated through the cells of the body in order to be picked up by a receiver. But what if during the ear’s development, the frequencies range it can pick up changes? Even without this study, I was always squeamish about subjecting an unborn being to what is, in my view, a breach of environment.

Don’t get me wrong, ultrasound scans have saved and improved many lives, allowing parents and doctors to be prepared for certain complications. What I’m saying is that ultrasound shouldn’t be abused. There are mothers who perform the procedure for more than ten times during a pregnancy. In Sweden, they only recommend a single appointment, but in many other countries, for example in the South-East of Europe, an echography is made at almost every doctor visit.

During this technology revolution that we’re going through, I think it’s essential to remind ourselves that our methods are still quite primitive in many regards. We should second-guess our practices and always strive to infringe as little as possible upon our bodies. Our cells are sensitive to all sorts of stimuli, and the high frequency vibration of ultrasound might not exactly be indicated for a being whose brain is in early development. It is my opinion that we should invest in finding new methods of diagnostic that are even less intrusive.

Later update: here’s an even more comprehensive article about ultrasound pros and cons:^

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