All India Radio - Echo Other

Dreamy yet action-packed, this song showcases a beautiful combination of instruments. Distorted percussion, guitars, violins, they all play their part in leading up to her voice. The way she’s introduced to the listener is beautiful and serves as a cornerstone for the entire composition. If it wasn’t for the few words she speaks, this would’ve been just a good rock song. Like so, it’s a colorful musical journey.

“Welcome to my world.
Stay. You are not alone.”

It also comes with one of the quirkiest videos I’ve seen lately.

You can listen to the song for free, in good quality, on BandCamp, which is one of the best websites when it comes to supporting artists. You can also purchase the song (or album) from this same location. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did purchase All India Radio’s album :).^

YouTube (decent quality, quirky video):^

For Spotify Users (high quality):^

For Deezer Users (high quality):^

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