Lars Vilks' Amazing Reply To Vandalism

Lars Vilks’ Amazing Answer to Vandalism

Controversial artist Lars Vilks worked for decades to maintain and champion a work of art^. Then, someone burned half of it to the ground. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the artist, his reply is the stuff of genius:

“I have my motto ‘everything is an advantage’. You always have to find something optimistic and art that’s subjected to violence always benefits from it, you have to comfort yourself with that.

“It gets interesting when things are happening. When you attack artworks it gets interesting. A work of art that nobody cares about disappears. This is tough action and a rather brutal form of art critique.”

If I were the person that set that fire, I’d be fuming over this reply. Not only is it true, but it also reveals a higher form of respect towards the intricate workings of human society. Checkmate!^

Now I just wish people won’t start vandalizing art just to make it “interesting”.

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