Jem - Down To Earth

This light-hearted song is one that you can easily stumble across on some trendy radio station, but it’s the lyrics that truly make it shine. That, and the beautiful voice that carries them and which also makes the tune (stand out). The instrumental side of the song is quite good as well. There’s a good rhythm featuring deep, juicy piano drops.

I can’t say I like the intro too much. To be honest I find it a bit of a turnoff, but it is a motif of the song and I can understand why the composer put it here. But I still think it doesn’t do justice to what follows. Luckily, it’s very short and after that the song builds up to a satisfying climax.

Whenever you’re feeling a bit down, put this on right after Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and pick yourself up!

“Do it now.
You know you are
You feel it in your heart
And your burning and wishin’
At first wait, won’t get it on a plate
Your gonna work for it harder and harder
And I know cause I’ve been there before
Knockin’ on door with rejection (rejection)
And you’ll see cause if its meant to be
Nothing can compare to deserving your dream
It’s amazing, it’s amazing all that you can do
It’s amazing it makes my heart sing
Now its up to you

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This Weekly Song entry has been brought from the FaceBook archive of Weekly Song^. This exploration was originally started through a FaceBook page, about 13 months prior to launching Mentatul. Slowly but surely, the entire FaceBook archive will be brought here.

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