In the USA, Murdering Journalists is now considered a funny topic.

Walmart Pulls T-Shirts Advocating Murder of Journalists

In a surprising move, major American retailer Walmart actually decided to remove from its inventory t-shirts that advocated killing journalists. So apparently the USA hasn’t completely gone astray:^

Obviously, I was being sarcastic. The USA has gone completely astray.

By “completely”, I mean the outcome of an election. When a democratic country elects to pursue a certain course, then it is a complete commitment. Yes, there may be opposition, but the overall direction has been set – and in the case of the US of A, I believe that the direction is astray.

By “astray”, I mean that while most of society (world-wide) considers murder to be wrong, the USA has managed to devalue life in such a way that murder can be commercialized with incredibly little public backlash. I believe that the lack of a major social response against the retailers, users and companies that produce such merchandise is due to Americans having been desensitized to violence^.

I can’t describe how sad I am to see beautiful, smiling, presumably honest people, congregate and laugh about murdering journalists, the very profession that is supposed to propagate information.

In the USA, Murdering Journalists is now considered a funny topic.

In the USA, murdering journalists is now considered a funny topic. (c) Reuters.

Well, it’s true that now-a-days most “journalists” distort rather than propagate information. Mind the quotes. Those are not really journalists. The true journalist is impartial and just. Unfortunately, ever since the invention of writing, there are those who are not spreaders of truth, but propaganda writers. Crafty wordsmiths that have either chosen or have been fooled into the employ of people whose purpose is to redirect and manipulate (they’re pretty good at fooling others).

Even if the t-shirts would have said “kill all liars”, I still believe that such messages are childish, stuck in an epoch we should move away from. Don’t kill liars; stop producing them^. Don’t kill propaganda; change the message^. Don’t blame manipulators; understand why they exist in the first place^.

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