Three Years and Counting (and Throttling Down)

A week ago, Mentatul celebrated its third birthday. I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far with this website. A collection of meaningful articles is beginning to coalesce into a greater work, which is still far from completion.

I hardly put any effort into advertising this website. As a matter of fact, I quite enjoy maintaining a low profile. I know that most of what I write is not exactly mainstream. Sometimes, it’s not even easily readable.

I made mistakes, I learned and will continue to learn… albeit at a slower pace. I’m taking a break from intensive writing on Mentatul, since I have other writing and family duties that absorb a lot of my time. Of course, should my millions of readers think otherwise, please feel free to donate and change my mind :D.

This change is meant to give me more energy to focus on the most important things I wish to have here, which are the bi-monthly analysis articles.

Planned changes:

  • No more satire, futurology or travel log articles (unless something really important hits me).
  • Recommendation articles to be bundled into a monthly article.
  • Weekly Song entries to be removed from the main page (and the tag soup), but not from Archives or Categories. The reviews will be accessible via the Weekly Song category or the new main (top) menu entry with the same name.

What will stay the same:

  • Heavy, bi-monthly analysis articles (this is the main purpose of the website and will not be altered in any way).
  • The weekly song (although the reviews will sometimes be slightly shorter).

Duration of the break: at least three years (2019-2021), but possibly longer, depending on how my life will look in 2022. Of course, miracles do happen so stay tuned for other announcements.

See you on the other side!


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