Parov Stelar - Daylight

Parov Stelar – Charleston Butterfly

Nothing says “sparkling party” better than some high quality electro-swing. And there are very few artists that do electro-swing like Parov Stelar does. The instrumental is adventurous. The singing is all sorts of groovy. So, get up and let the brass loose! Throw all worries out the window and smile, smile, smile. Even though a caterpillar dies in this story, this is quite the uplifting song.

Interestingly enough, the only place where I could find the long version of the song is YouTube. Spotify and Deezer both have shorter versions (they are all complete, but the YouTube version has an extra minute of electro-swing sweetness). Even though Parov Stelar is a contemporary musician, I’m rather disappointed by the lack of DRM-free purchase options for his art.

“As I killed the caterpillar
Fell into a curious thriller
Could not become a butterfly

As I killed the caterpillar
I started to end my life
Fell into a curious thriller

Could not become a butterfly
To choose you now into my life

Wanna be your butterfly
Smile, smile, smile at me

Hold me tight, and I feel free
Smile, smile, smile at me”

YouTube (decent quality, long version):^

For Spotify Users (high quality, short version):^

For Deezer Users (high quality, short version):^

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