Parov Stelar - Daylight

Parov Stelar – Charleston Butterfly

Nothing says “sparkling party” better than some high quality electro-swing. And there are very few artists that do electro-swing like Parov Stelar does. The instrumental is adventurous. The singing is all sorts of groovy. So, get up and let the brass loose! Throw all worries out the window and smile, smile, smile. Even though a caterpillar dies in this story, this is quite the uplifting song.

Parov Stelar - Shine

Parov Stelar – Shine (feat. Lilja Bloom)

Parov Stelar is known as one of the pioneers of electro swing. This musical genre, as its name implies, is a mixture of electronica, jazz and swing. Parov sometimes collaborates with various singers and today we’ll be listening to one of these collaborations, namely with Lilja Bloom.

Not only is this melody a body-mover, but it’s also a mood-lifter. Witty lyrics, beautiful voice and groovy music, all the ingredients of a good listen. It takes skill and talent to mix the old and the new with such success. If you like what you hear, your next challenge is to check out a few of the other songs where Parov and Lilja have worked together.