Mission Statement

Art needs no purpose. Yet, the project that I am launching now is a joining between artistic endeavor and a wide range of intent. If I were to choose a single word that should define Mentatul’s trajectory, that word would be “change”.

Before my adventure starts though, I would like to set out some guidelines for performing my craft. These will become the beacons for everything that I shall publish and I will strive to follow the route that I envision.

This is part of a series detailing the intellectual pillars of my craft. The other two are:
“Why Am I Writing?”^, which details my motivations.
“Micro Biography”^, which covers the essential history that brought me here.

Now… what is my purpose and how do I want to achieve it?

Respect the people; they are your brothers and sisters

I see each and every one of you as a dear sibling. Honestly. With every word I will write, I will remain aware of the fact that, like me, other beings have dreams, have endured hardships and probably have a long way ahead of them still. Humans and their activities and culture are a source of great inspiration and motivation for writing. This demands not only a respectful approach, but also a sense of wonder at the unfolding story of this Universe.

Since I don’t usually write for myself, I must carefully consider my audience. Although I value my independence as a writer, I must also value my readers’ time. That is why I will attempt to keep my entries short and pleasant to read.

Take sides; take all sides

I’d like to give a name to this approach: “generalized-subjectivity”. Rather than being objective and detached from the various actors and matters I will cover, my attitude will be one of complete involvement.

This style is meant to strengthen the emotional connection with a certain subject and promote compassion in my writing. Not only will this ensure objectivity, but it comes with the added benefit of encouraging a positive discussion that respects all sides.

Language is more than a tool; words are eternal advocates

In my view, respect must also be given to the medium that allows me to share my thoughts. Language gives thoughts a form. In order for that form to be both beautiful and expressive, I will need to explore and improve my vocabulary. Only so will I be able to discover how to use words in the most effective and harmonious ways. And because words have a tendency to outlast their writer, it is my responsibility to see that my writing withstands the test of time. However…

Don’t fear being wrong; write with passion, learn

Mistakes can and will happen. During my previous online publishing stints (upon which I touched in the third part of this series), I have adopted a perfectionist attitude towards my art. This has hurt my literary output while providing almost no long-term benefits. I’m too much of a perfectionist to simply become sloppy this time around, but I will definitely put a few doors between me and my inner critic.

There are certain risks that arise from having a passionate style of expression, especially in the case of analytical writing. However, when necessary, these risks will not stop me from being intense. I can’t conceive writing about a subject unless I’m very interested in it. Even so, one guideline that I will always have in mind is that I should aim to find the balance between passion and fairness, between being categorical and maintaining a polite, respectful tone.

Challenge to discussion; it is a source of progress

Communication has the power to cure fear. By ridding ourselves of fear, we can truly blossom. The project I’m launching now is more than a creative outlet, it is a community. I would like to give you the opportunity to speak and the space to challenge everything you read here. You can engage through quick comments, brief engagement on social media or by joining the Forum.

Even more, as Mentatul progresses, and once I have made the relevant steps, there are also plans for involving a Wiki into the project. The usefulness of this will become obvious soon enough.

Encourage readers to dig deeper and keep an open mind

One of the most fundamental aspects of existence, I believe, is the fact that almost everything we take for granted is not what it appears to be. No matter how hard I could try, there will be flaws in my reasoning. I therefore beg of you, reader, to search for other points of view. Explore the fountain of knowledge that is our society and never stop questioning. Always keep with you some of the curiosity of a child.

At times, I will write very short entries, suggesting an article or offering some tidbit of information I considered worthy. Sometimes, I’ll do it without even the slightest comment, waiting for your reaction. It is my hope that your stay here will be inspiring and moving. With all this in mind, I shall now craft.

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