Why Am I Writing?

Today, I am setting off on a beautiful journey. I’ve been preparing myself for this adventure ever since I was a child. Now, it is finally time to untie the ropes of my sky-ship and rise into the unknown.

But before I take this most important step in my career as a writer, I would like to take some time and reflect upon what I consider to be the three pillars of my craft: motivation, purpose and history. In other words: why am I writing, what do I wish to achieve through my art and what are those aspects of my history that brought these words in front of your eyes.

With great honesty and care, I will describe what each of these three pillars mean for me. It all starts with motivation and this is the subject of my first writing in this new part of my life.

I have analyzed the other two pillars of my craft in:
“Mission Statement”^, which details my purposes.
“Micro Biography”^, which covers the essential history that brought me here.

Now… why am I typing this?

I love it

What could be simpler and more honest than this admission? Yes, I love writing and the way it enhances the conscious experience. I love putting thoughts together and witnessing the reflections they summon in the mirrors of our minds.

Words are chameleons made of thoughts. They can be surgically precise or wonderfully abstract. Lawyers use them like weapons through courtroom battlefields while artists nourish the imagination with their magical power. There are very few things indeed that I enjoy more than passing a mental image onwards, bringing concepts out into the open or contributing to worthwhile discussions.

I love sharing my creative energy

The emotion of love is fundamental to human existence and, by extent, to my own work. This is why the word is so prominently featured in this text. I have received very positive feedback regarding my writing. It is natural to love doing something good and to share it with people who can appreciate.

It is also a fact that I have an ample supply of creative energy. It’s not something I sought or worked for. But I feel it is respectful to use my talent in a way that can benefit my brothers and sisters, something that I will strive to do the best I can.

Despite my intentions, whenever I write something, especially if it’s a work regarding the world we currently live in, there is a risk of making mistakes. And this leads me to the next point.

I am curious to discover more and to discover myself

Through the reactions I get to my writing, I can refine and adjust my opinions. A deep desire for learning is the chief motivator here. I think that understanding and accepting criticism is a vital part of a person’s evolution and my goal is to be someone whose judgment can be relied on.

By giving shape to my thoughts, I encourage a process of self-discovery and analysis. It is almost therapeutic in nature and can trigger profound changes. Events in the surrounding world are the weathering forces that shape one’s mind. Inspecting these events is a source of knowledge.

I believe in change

Before even daring to propose that my writing could change anything in the society I live in, I wish to embrace and take part in the healthy changes that must first take place in me. However, this will not be a chaotic selection, because consciousness is here to judge which changes should happen, and which assumptions are meant to be removed.

Ultimately though, one of my motivations is to contribute to the public dialogue towards improving the world I am a part of. I feel that the most effective way I can bring about positive change is to write in a patient and understanding manner, guided by compassion and love. And this is what I will set out to do.

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