Infected Mushroom - Pink Froid

Sit back and enjoy the brain massage. From the very first listen, this masterpiece blew my mind and tears welled up in my eyes. If Infected Mushroom and Pink Floyd would have ever collaborated, this is how the result would have sounded. Perhaps my amazement was even greater because I am very familiar with the art of the two bands. This sounds like a genuine Pink Floyd song, with a few pretty mushrooms grown on it. Indeed, these wonderful Israelis successfully infected Pink Floyd with their trippy DNA.

Even the lyrics are perfect. There are just a few words to be heard, but these are important, meaningful words. I’m referring in particular to the notion that “you are me”. There is a deep existential truth buried in this statement, at least as far as certain life philosophies are concerned.

This song has a lot to offer, whatever your taste in music might be. It’s one of those rare gems for which I can truly recommend you to relax, close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported to another place.

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