Devin Townsend - Ghost

Let these voices soothe your mind, like the calm and blissful wind at the end of a hot day. Coming from the album with the same name, “Ghost” is one of the sweetest songs I know. Quiet guitars flow around sparkling islets of exotic sounds while a magical choir drops its nectar into the eardrums.

Completing the beautiful melody are the lyrics, which are a testament to peace and respect towards life. This chant is written for the heart, this music is a key.

Ghost is undoubtedly Devin’s most peaceful album to date. I wholeheartedly recommend you to take a dive into its world. Such gems do not appear often.

“How about a body at moonlight
How about a body at home
How about a body at moonlight,
How our body’s alone
I don’t want to bother your moonlight
I don’t want to bother your soul
I don’t want to bother your moonlight
How our body’s alone”

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  1. Tim


    Ah…the many surprises I bring to the world! 🙂 Was able to get his series of live London concerts from 2011 (I think) a few months back and it’s been pretty much non-stop playing in my office at work. Pithy on those who know no such good things…

    I actually got to him through my brother…in a very roundabout way. But here I am listening! 🙂

    • Reply

      And wonderful listening it is! I sure hope he does something like “By A Thread” again. This time hopefully they film it in 4K or at least Full HD. From what I see, they only have DVDs, which is not even HD.

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