Delerium - Silence

Delerium – Silence (feat. Sarah McLachlan)

Let yourself soar through a heavenly landscape of sound. You’ll find that Sarah’s moving voice has the perfect companion in the beautifully orchestrated instrumental ladder towards perfection.

This melody was famous almost a decade ago due to a remix by Tiesto, which, in my opinion, completely ruined the sacred feeling of this amazingly powerful song.

Even though I had heard Delerium before, it was a car ride around the year 2011 that brought the band back into my life. Even at low volume and interrupted by occasional conversation, this song shone through. This time, I was ready to explore what has become my unrivaled, favorite band for the past 5 years straight.

Delerium’s art might be confused with a sort of danceable, electronic pop music. Perhaps this is good, because hiding under the easy-listenable sounds are often very beautiful lyrics. For every hit-song, there are many gems hidden among Delerium’s albums, just waiting to be discovered.

Let the ritual begin :).

“Passion chokes the flower, till she cries no more
Possessing all the beauty, hungry still for more.

Heaven holds a sense of wonder, and I wanted to believe
That I’d get caught up when the rage in me subsides
In this white wave I am sinking, in this silence
In this white wave, in this silence, I believe”

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