Inofaith - Dawn Is Late

This melody is a testament to the work of artists in general, and one artist in particular. The spoken lyrics underline the connection between art, love and the human drive to create universes. The relaxing and enjoyable music turns this into a highly-inspiring experience. And somehow, it always makes me move my body.

“Most of my ideas come out of complete silence.
My work, is a direct reflection of my personality.
Work to me, you know it’s, it’s who I am.
I think what’s hard, is, going against the current,
…trying to be something else… you know.

You have to love the process.
Be good at what you do.
There’s no substitution, for hard work
There’s not a better feeling in the world 🙂

You need to take that time for yourself, to realize why you’re here.
You’re here to create!

What happens to good artists is that,
when you create art, from the need to be loved…
…you do your best.

Silence is very important.
Most of my ideas come out of complete silence.
We all need to allow, the silence.
There’s so much noise.

It’s important for people to create their own worlds.
You have this world in which you live in.
But I think that we should be creating a sub-world to protect us.”

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