Conjure One

Singer Marie-Claire D’Ubaldo provides the dreamy landscape a song worthy of the title “Sleep” would need. But then again, this melody isn’t about sleeping at all. It’s about fire, it’s about movement, it’s about meanings hidden in plain sight, which her voice tempts the listener to find among the song’s witty lyrics. Accompanying us is the surreal yet body-moving music of Conjure One, brainchild of Rhys Fulber of Delerium fame. This is a beautifully written song in all ways a song can be so.

“Without sleep there are no dreams
Without dreams, we fall apart at the seams”

YouTube (AWESOME fan-made video, using Solarstone’s chilled out remix of the song):^

YouTube (decent quality):^

For Spotify Users (high quality):^

For Deezer Users (high quality):^

This Weekly Song entry has been brought from the FaceBook archive of Weekly Song^. This exploration was originally started through a FaceBook page, about 13 months prior to launching Mentatul. Slowly but surely, the entire FaceBook archive will be brought here.

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