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Although I do not consider myself a feminist, I have advocated women’s rights for as long as I can remember. This is one of the most inspirational and moving works of art created for the purpose of empowering women:^

Most societies on Earth are still a long way from treating women fairly. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can reach peak efficiency as a species. It’s not about tapping into the full range of human talent, although a solid business case could be made. It’s about making the gender symbiosis work as it should: from the procreation of the species to the procreation of ideas that will lead to the next evolutionary step.

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    I’m a feminist. Being a feminist means I want to be able to spend time with my family, I don’t want to be told I’m a man so I’m less empathetic, it means I severely dislike the relatively recent increase in boy/girl toys (or at least LEGO was much more gender neutral during the ’80s and early ’90s than it is today). We men may not be hurt by this nonsense quite as much as women, but every feminist stride forward has improved life for everyone, men and women. Because whenever an argument is made that women probably shouldn’t do X because you just can’t do X to women, maybe — just maybe, eh — you shouldn’t be doing X to anyone. A bit like how some people seem to think the answer to objectifying women is to objectify more men — no, just no. 😛

    I’m not a feminist, I’m an egalitarian/humanist/whatever who advocates women’s rights just doesn’t make much logical sense. I mean, it’s fine not to want to identify as something, but feminism is basically just the observation that women are still (!) second-class citizens (e.g., bodily autonomy), that we need to do something about that, and that doing so will make life better for everyone. It’s what any vaguely moral agent should want.

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      You pretty much nailed it when you said “humanist”. That is the proper definition I believe in when it comes to egalitarian treatment of people. Let’s just say that right now, much of the world is split into menists and feminists. I do not wish to belong to either group, that is why I do not associate with the feminist label. I prefer to see myself as humanist, using a very broad range of that definition, covering more than just gender equality.

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