Sofa Surfers - Superluminal

Sofa Surfers – Out, Damn Light (feat. Mani Obeya)

It’s one of those songs that flow, one of those songs that go from start to finish in a casual, unassuming way. The singer probably contributes a lot to this feeling. So do the lyrics. It’s also one of those songs where the music and the singing are so tightly intertwined that taking away the voice would seriously cripple the composition (there are entire albums out there that work just fine in an instrumental-only guise).

I find the musical style quite original too. Sure, I guess it can be classified as post-rock or something like that, but I feel there’s more to it. There’s a little extra novelty, and that’s pleasant for the ear to digest. While I haven’t really understood the meaning behind the “out, damn light” verse, I have to say that I like the lyrics too.

“I own nothin’ more than the ground that I sit on, the ground that I sit on
So I make myself comfortable cuz’ I’m the king of the Earth
Sitting on my throne of dirt and I’ll rule these stinking slums
In a rain of a walkin’-talking’-ticking bombs”

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