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This is a song of fascinating intensity. It isn’t all that surprising given that it is a progressive metal band’s interpretation of a hymn for love. What is surprising is just how much message Devin Townsend & Co. managed to cram into these six minutes of epic ride. The singing is top notch as for the instrumental side, well, this is Devin Townsend we’re talking about so expect nothing short of sublime, diverse and relentless.

“We know that it’s only human
We know that it’s only love
We know that it’s far too close to home
To see it now

Love all we can before
We learn all we came for
Learn all we can before
The road leads to home


Never fear love
Never fear love
Never fear love


I know the way, and you know the way
We all fall down if we fear love”

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YouTube (decent quality):^

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This Weekly Song entry has been brought from the FaceBook archive of Weekly Song^. This exploration was originally started through a FaceBook page, about 13 months prior to launching Mentatul. Slowly but surely, the entire FaceBook archive will be brought here.

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A strong song with a strong message that I care a great deal about. This is one of those melodies where the lyrics are not only pleasant to read, but they have to be understood and integrated.

The concert recording of this video, available on YouTube, is pretty darned epic.

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