The Great Work - Becoming You

The concept of a life’s Great Work is often mentioned in association with famous artists, social leaders, scientists and so on. That is simply because the Great Works of these people went on to influence very many others. However, we all have these experiential masterpieces hidden within us, just waiting to be manifested fully. It’s not a matter of fame at all. A Work is Great if even one being is greatly thankful for it.

Life has an infinite amount of potential. Often though, we find ourselves at a crossroads, unsure how to unlock what lies within. And this is where Robin’s book comes in. You can see it as a map for reaching a life’s hidden potential:^

The book’s description resonated deeply with me. I completely agree with the message. As I explained in a previous posting^, I am of the opinion that art is “anything that expresses free will in order to stimulate an intense emotional response”. By reinterpreting the definition of art and celebrating its myriad facets, I share the belief that a Great Work lies within everybody – as an obvious effect of the fact that we are all artists, expressing through our various professions. A scientist turns future-telling into art, a social leader turns communication into art and a good driver weaves speed and safety together into an artful drive.

I am extremely happy to see that this book exists. Having such a wide definition of art also means that I am very encouraging towards people to express their talent in any way they can. I would have loved to take this encouragement I have inside and put it into the perfect words for it to be transmitted. I realized I had this wish only when I learned about this book. I felt like lo and behold, the Universe has been merciful and here it is, a book that encourages and stokes the fire of creation and then some!

I believe we are all not only capable, but are right now completing our Great Works. Life is one’s Great Work. But sometimes, much of it remains under wraps, hidden in the “corner of hope” of our imagination. Let’s shine some light towards that corner and bring out the beauty!

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