Black Sun Empire - Driving Insane

Building demolition manual. Step 1: install beefy subwoofers around building to be demolished then, garnish everything with yet more powerful speakers. Step 2: play this song and wait until the 2:12 mark. After that, it’ll take, oh, maybe eight seconds for the building to turn into fine particulates.

Seriously though, this song’s bass is nasty. When I first heard this, it was not only love at first listen, but also jaw drop at first listen. Years later, I’m still amazed by just how much kick this thing has.

Ok, bass this bass that, but is this song any good otherwise? Well, d’uh, it wouldn’t be featured at the Weekly Song if I didn’t think highly of it. There’s gorgeous sound construction going on here, wicked textures and merciless pounding. This is drum’n’bass at its best, juiciest, crunchiest and danciest.

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