Landscape of Love

Lulu Rouge – Landscape of Love (feat. Fanney Osk)

Oh, my Music, I’m fascinated by you. Sometimes you blow my mind. This song is like a steady, patient wind that will either freeze or melt anything in its path, depending how you choose to feel it. The flawless punctuation will make sure that whatever path you take will turn into a memorable adventure. Just hit play and you’ll understand what I mean by “punctuation”.

I always had a soft spot for minimal electronica. This melody hit me straight in the headheart. In the seven months that have passed since I discovered this tune, it has not yet been dethroned as “song of 2017” and I’m “losing hope” that I’ll come across anything better. But paradoxically, I also hope I won’t.

After listening to the song for plenty of times, I went and looked for the video. That’s when the song went from “amazing” to “mind-blowing”. I didn’t expect such a gorgeous video. I now consider this pair as one of the best song-video combinations I ever saw. Every time I listen to this song, I roam seemingly-barren lands and challenge myself to find the love hidden among the human detritus.

“My landscape of love
Different patterns all around.
My landscape of love
Seeking for the special vow.
My landscape of love
Lonesome in my soul,
I’ve found.

Down the waterfall
My heartbeat falls.

Oh, my Heart,
I’m fascinated by you.
Oh, my Heart,
I’m fascinated by you,

Bathing passion,
Drifting drops
Over my whole body.
Lust comes with the Sun,
And blows my mind
To the blissful stars.

Oh, my Heart,
I’m fascinated by you.
Oh, my Heart,
I’m fascinated by you,

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