Amorphis - Tuonela

I’m usually happy to hear what a few extra instruments can do to a metal song. It doesn’t matter if those instruments are physical or spawned from the digital innards of a synthesizer. What matters is how they are integrated with the rest of the orchestration. The solid riffing and drumming here is all laid upon a dreamy foundation, the perfect soundscape for the song’s eerie lyrics.

True to the roots of the group’s name, Amorphis has gone through quite a number of musical transformations. The band has become a successful example when it comes to incorporating other instruments into the traditional metal repertoire.

The melody hails from Amorphis’ Pasi Koskinen^ era, when they released a few progressive metal albums. The band has released many more albums after they changed to a new vocalist (Tomi Joutsen^) who brought a blast of fresh energy to the band’s music. This is surely not the last Amorphis song you’ll see around here.

“In the morning mist by the waning moon
through the woods she set on foot
With a sacred blade cut the berries down
Dug up the dreaded mandrake root

Tread my path to summer’s end
This bequest I leave you she says
You will see what could be evergreen
Turn to copper and fade to gray

By the standing stones
Atropine eyes smiled at me
Sitting in a sluggish vertigo
Sands of time form another dream
No love without sacrifice
No lige springs without decay
The final kiss is a wormy one
In soils cold caress to rest we’ll lay”

Unfortunately, I can’t find any way of purchasing the album digitally from any ethical shop (such as BandCamp^).

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