Shark dragging

This Year’s Dose of Horrible Behavior Towards Animals

How would you feel if some dudes would grab somebody dear to you from the comfort and safety of their home, tie that person to a car and drag them around town for a couple of miles? While doing this, of course, they would laugh, because torture is fun:^

And then there’s this horrific way to celebrate students’ achievements: a jungle-themed prom where majestic wild animals are disrespected and psychologically tormented. This sets, of course, a wonderful example for the adults, parents and decision makers of tomorrow:^

There’s a reason why I’ve timed this post to show up exactly after the one detailing how ants take care of their wounded^, which is yet another discovery from a long string of marvelous findings about the creatures living along side us on Earth. I’d like to create contrast between the amazing diversity and complexity of life on Earth and the lack of respect (many) humans show towards it.

My only comfort is that at least society is taking some action against such behavior. It’s a step in the right direction. I await the day when all of our children will respect wildlife and will leave it well enough alone.

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