The Dance of the Planets

Draw a line between the position of two planets every several days and behold the apparition of beautiful shapes:^

The article above lists some other funky coincidences about the planetary bodies in our solar system. It’s written in a slightly “new age metaphysical” tone, but facts are facts and these are undoubtedly interesting facts. Personally, what I draw from all the above is a feeling of complete agreement with what a wiser person has said before me: “Mathematics is the language of nature” (and I perceive even physics and chemistry as flavors of mathematics).

Astronomy (the mathematics of huge congregations of atoms) is one of my oldest passions. I’ve been fascinated by our solar system since as long as I can remember. When I went to gymnasium, I learned about the endless curiosities that can be found outside it. But my main area of interest remains our cosmic neighborhood, where I see the sun and planets as childhood friends.

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