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CubeSounD – Silent Moon (feat. Lori)

Mysterious and epic, this tune is a transporter to other worlds. Transporter Songs aren’t easy to build. First of all, it takes a special kind of wind to move our soul’s sails. Mystic incantations can save us from the storm, but it’s Lori’s voice that fills the soul’s ethereal sails. Now, we’re prepared for the oceanic union underneath the guiding celestial bodies.

“Will my feet touch solid ground again?”

There’s no journey without waves, no life without vibration. The melody’s pulse is always with us – the patterned avatar of ocean waves. But just like getting lost at sea, a storm is in the making…

“Playful shadows start to grow”

We’re treated to an enticing array of sounds and instruments, orchestrations that make up the ship carrying her voice and the message it delivers.

“Oh silent moon, don’t take me away too soon…”

Because the owner of the label that brought me this Transporter is a personal acquaintance, I learned that this melody is dear to its creator. It’s not hard to see why. It’s not often emotion, rhythm and meaning make such good friends. And when it happens, you feel the Universe staring right back at you. This song was meant to be, and these words were meant to be written. And now you are meant to sail with this song.

“Hidden from sight, in the intimate glow
Playful shadows start to grow
Fires on the lake dancing under the stars
Found the secrets to our hearts

Close to the flames,
Lies the body of a dead man
Who ate his soul?
Did he die all alone?

Just like we did in the days of old
We drew first blood, then praised the Lord
But even if I crack your elaborate plan
Will you look into my eyes again?

Time after time,
We pass beyond and pay the dime
To the ferry-man
Will my feet touch solid ground again?”

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