Opinion Or Analysis

Opinion or Analysis

Most of my writing on this website consists of reviews and analysis. These are two vastly different areas which demand an equally different approach from the writer. I believe that it is very important for any author to use the appropriate thought process when publishing any material that can be referred to by others. It is a matter of responsibility, especially when it comes to analysis.

The word “analysis” has many meanings. One popular understanding is linked to the field of science. Analysis can be experimental or statistical. In both cases, abstractions are used in order to bring infinitely-complex processes down to our level of understanding.

I don’t think that we currently have the knowledge or technology to fully understand or make clear predictions regarding the actions of millions of people and their complex interactions. We can, however, put forward various hypotheses and assumptions, backing these up with as many facts as possible.

Why Am I Writing?

Why Am I Writing?

Today, I am setting off on a beautiful journey. I’ve been preparing myself for this adventure ever since I was a child. Now, it is finally time to untie the ropes of my sky-ship and rise into the unknown.

But before I take this most important step in my career as a writer, I would like to take some time and reflect upon what I consider to be the three pillars of my craft: motivation, purpose and history. In other words: why am I writing, what do I wish to achieve through my art and what are those aspects of my history that brought these words in front of your eyes.