But it’s true, isn’t it? We got more than we had before. The way the words are spoken and the way the music frames them is strangely compelling. “As a whole, we got more than we had before. And that’s that”, the song whispers in this listener’s mind.

This is one entertaining ride.  I feel the “addiction” potential in it. It’s a groovy piece with a solid thumping tempo. Topping things up is a wonderfully crazy video. As I was watching it, I realized that the graphical style is familiar to me. The way the animations are combined and the playfulness behind them made me think of a certain artist. I was too busy being entertained by the video to read” the words my subconscious was texting me. And I didn’t need to, because, sure enough, at the end of the video, that exact artist was mentioned. Cyriak^! I erupted into mad laughter as I was thanking the Universe for bringing these artists together and allowing me to bask in the glorious heat caused by the union of their intellects.

YouTube (very nice video, shorter song version):^

YouTube (decent quality):^

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For Deezer Users (high quality):^

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