Kalya Scintilla - Listen To The Trees

The trees are throwing a party and we’re invited. This is perhaps what Kalya Scintilla’s version of what the Boab corner of the party would sound like. As usual when it comes to this artist, the listener is treated to a staggering array of rhythms and sounds.

I have to say that at this party, I can hardly contain my body. Even though I am sitting on a chair donning my headphones, I cannot contain the grooves as they keep moving me left and right. It’s good I’m in no rush to type this, because this means I can make all sorts of gestures with my hands as the song keeps digging its way into the tribal parts of my awareness.

Kalya Scintilla is one of what I’d like to call the “titans of psybient”. This song comes straight from an EP the artist launched this year. I’m happy it happened so, because I was actually looking for a good Kalya Scintilla song to feature on the Weekly Song. Now I have two. The other one will probably be featured next year.

You can listen to the song for free, in good quality, on BandCamp, which is one of the best websites when it comes to supporting artists. You can also purchase the song (or the EP) from this same location. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did purchase Kalya Scintilla’s EP :).


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