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About the Recent Changes on Mentatul

How time flies. It’s been almost a year and a half since I launched^ Mentatul. So far, this proved itself to be a very beautiful adventure. The website started as a source for objective analysis of important contemporary issues combined with an assortment of subjective musings on art topics (so far, only music). Soon, I added the Recommendations^ category, where I share with readers various interesting or inspiring links that I stumble upon during my online journey.

However, like any long-term writing commitment, the project evolved. My urge for writing kept seeking new ways through which to express itself. About 9 months after the launch, in September 2016, I wrote the first satire^ article. Afterwards, in November I added two^ new^ categories based on real life adventures that I was fortunate to experience. I began 2017 by adding two^ more^ categories. Here’s a short description of all these recent changes.


I believe that sometimes laughter is the best way to highlight or even handle a problem. I find it very entertaining to write satire. The idea for the first article in the category – about Musk escaping to Mars^ – hit me so hard I just couldn’t resist publishing it. Every now and then some funky thought goes through my head and it’s so good to be able to laugh about it together with you.

Travel Log

I’ve been writing travel logs in Romanian for more than a decade but I haven’t published anything. A fascinating day in Scotland^ convinced me otherwise. Even though I published a satire article before the first travel log, this is the category that really opened the door for these recent changes on the website.

Life Fragments

Since I already started writing about some of my life via travel logs, I decided to share some funny or interesting things that happened during my days. The storyteller in me needed the exercise long before I launched my literature website (Michael Axonn^).

One of the “secret” goals I had with Mentatul was to diminish the strength of my inner critic. I’ve more than succeeded in doing this. Branching my writing into these new areas has been one of the things that helped a lot. Even though Mentatul now has two “log” categories, I still don’t consider this website to be a “blog” (it’s a writing project), but I won’t be insulted if you do :).


I’ve always been fascinated by how much parenting can differ between cultures. It’s also one of the most polarizing topics ever. Now that I am a parent, it’s the perfect time to join the millions of writers that have spoken their mind about that which is the world’s most important responsibility – educating the next generation so that we may survive as a species. I actually started with an article that can be seen as “anti-advice”^.


This category has been a long time coming. There’s sometimes a sea of ideas swirling in my head – I’m sure many readers know exactly how this feels. I actually had plans to launch individual websites with proposals and solutions surrounding topics such as the Internet of Things^ and Mixed Reality^. Alas, having a day job makes this quite difficult so, ultimately, I turned to Mentatul to publish all my ideas.

In all futurology articles, I invite readers to become participants and share their awesome ideas on various topics. Don’t worry about contributing amazing solutions with huge potential – unless you actually have the capital and tools to turn them into reality (patent applications or actual products). Otherwise, I think it’s better to bring these ideas out in the open, with your name next to them. I would actually be extremely happy if anybody is inspired by an idea of mine and turns it into something beautiful, credit or not.

It’s still just the beginning

Mentatul is not even two years old. But in this short time, I already see how the website has started to develop its “personality”. I don’t expect to see so many new categories added in such a short time again, but I might surprise myself.

For now, my focus will go into perfecting what is. I wish to write well and to offer a beautiful experience to those that visit. I hope that your stay here is enjoyable and, of course, I thank you for being here^.

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